Period pain is not normal.

Period pain, to the point that you have to take a day off work is not normal. Yes you may feel mild cramping but it should not interfere with your daily routine too much. And for sure you shouldn’t suffer.

If you are dreading it every month, it means your body needs some support. First of all, it is inflammation that you need to calm down in your body. Second, you might need to check your hormonal balance and do a mini cleanse. And thirdly, it is often a magnesium deficiency also. So supplementing with it will help.

As a general rule, the healthier you are, the less pain you have. When I was younger, I assumed having that kind of pain is normal. I could spend the day in bed in a fetus position with painkillers.

When I sorted out my lifestyle, the pain disappeared. Nowadays I barely notice I have a period. Yes, it is connected to your general health. It’s something that comes and goes based on where you are in terms of your health.

You can also improve it by taking Liposomal Curcumin in order to reduce your overall inflammation to start with.

Then do Health Nag 3 day detox, because liquid fasting + colon cleanse does miracles for your health. You may hear a lot about it on this page, but just because it’s the first thing you do in whatever healthier journey you are planning to undertake. I swear by it. And contribute my current health to multiple detox programs I did.

Support your hormones with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, magnesium (common deficiency with period pains) , maca powder, selenium and Kelp. Vitex berry is also famous for improving period pain, it is great for your hormonal balance in general.

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