3 Day Detox

Dhs. 670

Health Nag 3 Day Detox Kit

Doctor-Recommended Composition to Revitalise Cells, Enhance Weight Loss, Optimise Gut Function and Restore an Unparalleled Sense of Energy and Mental Assertiveness.

 Say hello to the world's most powerful liquid fasting program.

Everything you need for the most effective 3-day transformational fast with added nutrition. Health Nags 3-Day Detox is a revolutionary, science-backed kit designed to nourish your body with premium quality plant-based nutrients that are carefully picked to induce the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of prolonged fasting.

  •  Add years to your life - with the powerful effects of autophagy and cellular renewal.

  •  Kickstart fast and effective fat loss - The key to shedding pounds of fat is reducing systemic inflammation

  •  Restore gut functionality - Remove pathogenic bacteria from your gut and optimise your microbiome and gut flora

  •   Radiant, youthful skin - The health nag 3 day detox visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  •  Hunger Regulation - Rebalancing the gut microbiome starves of pathogenic bacteria which drives cravings.

  •  Reduced Bloating - Improved digestive function.

Doctor Recommended Fasting Protocol, that makes fasting possible for all. Dr. Khalid Shukri - Functional Medical Doctor.

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Why is this detox like no other?
It contains unique type of non-soluble fibre that attaches itself to hardened undigested waste that is often sits in colon pockets and remove it all in one big black rope, naturally and painlessly. No other fibres are strong enough to do this job. This makes it the most effective type of detox on the market. You will see it for yourself just how much internal toxicity you've been carrying around, probably for years. The liquid fasting process is necessary to allow your digestive system to rest so that fibre can move through your gut and eliminate that hard-to-remove waste. This is proven to be the most powerful immunity boost.

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Customer Reviews

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I’ll re purchase

I recently tried the Health Nag three-day detox food supplement package, and I was very impressed with the results.

**Taste and Ease of Use**
The supplements tasted surprisingly good. Unlike some detox products that can be unpleasant, Health Nag has a mild, enjoyable flavor. Preparing the drinks was simple: just mix the powder with water,and you’re ready to go.

Health Nag uses high-quality, natural ingredients. The blend includes various fruits without any artificial additives. This made me feel confident that I was putting only good things into my body.

Over the three days, I noticed a big improvement in how I felt. My digestion was better, I had more energy, and I felt less bloated. By the end of the detox, I felt lighter and more refreshed. I was impressed on how fast I could really see and feel the results.

The Health Nag package was very convenient. Everything I needed was included, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. This made it easy to stick to the detox plan without any hassle.

**Overall Value**
For a three-day detox, Health Nag is worth the investment. It’s affordable and delivers noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Health Nag’s three-day detox food supplement package is a great choice for anyone looking to cleanse their body and boost their energy. It’s easy to use, tastes good, and really works. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Julia F
It’s doable! I’m feeling great!

I must say that I barely suffered from any of the described side effects and so my detox wasn’t as tough as I expected. I didn’t feel fatigue at all, I actually felt less tired even in the evenings when I usually fall down dead into my pillows. I did this while being all day up with the kids and following my normal day to day routines. Eating clean and reducing calories a few days before is helping tremendously in order to start smoothly with the detox. The second day is the hardest part, on day three I was so used to it and could have continued. I think it’s more of a mental struggle. I was feeling pretty hungry though on day 2, despite drinking plenty of fluids and broths. If I would do this again I will certainly buy the flavored version of the detox because the taste or more the consistency of the fiber sachets put me off already on the first day. I always mixed them into a vegetable juice and then I could easily drink them. I feel more active and well. Longterm results are yet to be reported :).

Great reset

A great way to reset the digestive system and your mind, I’ve been doing this every quarter, and the combination of vitamins, fibres, and enzymes allow me to do so while working without feeling lethargic.


At first I was a bit hesitant to start the 3 Day Detox (though I'm already used to intermittent fasting and I follow a healthy "food" lifestyle). BUT, after educating myself more about the benefits of 'Autophagy' combining it with Health Nag's Detox (thanks to Health Nag of course for the invaluable science-backed info!) I was ready to start & commit to the program.

I chose the "unflavoured sachets" and they tasted way better than I expected & they were so filling too (so no worries no starvation here!😂)
The instructions guide is very clear (just thoroughly follow the instructions, drink the shakes, & you're ready to thrive!✔️💪🏼).

The 3 Day Detox is absolutely one of the best health goals that I've achieved so far in 2024🌟 I feel so great about myself both physically & mentally after completing the 72 hours detox:
• Physically, I feel lighter (you'll be amazed by the amount of toxins & weird stuff that get out of your body🚽😆), my appetite is reduced, I have tremendous energy boost, and my sleep patterns got adjusted instantly post-detox (though I suffered fatigue during the detox, yet I trusted the process and then magic happened!🙏🏼🪄).
• Mentally, myself & others have noticed that I'm more mentally assertive & focused. It's such a mood-booster!🥳

I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything here, the last day was living hell on earth🪦 YET IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE PAIN!💥🎉

S Ng
Hard work pays off :)

This 3 days detox plan is not an easy one but once you’ve put your mind to it and get through it, you’ll feel amazing, lighter and healthier overall.

The first day went by relatively easily, the sachets were enough to keep you full. I didn’t feel hungry at all, just visits to the loo more often.

Day 2 & 3 is when it kicks in. Felt nauseous in the morning and weak to be honest, and the mind games kick in on whether to break fast or not!! Haha

Stayed through to it, mentally and kept myself ‘full’ with sachets and broth.

Once the program ended, you feel much lighter with the constant trips to the loo. Tummy was definitely flatter so I’m feeling great!

Not easy but once you’ve completed the 3 days, you’ll feel like a champ!

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