3 Day Detox



Say hello to the world's most powerful liquid fasting program.

This is a revolutionary, science backed detox program that delivers genuine health results. Just in 3 days.

Taking a break from digesting solid food and purifying your colon are two most important things you can do to transform your health.
It is time to give your body a reset.

This is a revolutionary, science backed detox home kit that delivers genuine health results.

Tried and loved by thousands. Highly effective and easy to use.

Taking a break from digesting solid food and purifying your colon are two most important things you can do to transform your health.


Just some magic and 100 % natural type of fibre togethr with powerful greens, enzymes & probiotics.
Soy, gluten and sugar free.

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Why is this detox like no other?
It contains unique type of non-soluble fibre that attaches itself to hardened undigested waste that is often sits in colon pockets and remove it all in one big black rope, naturally and painlessly. No other fibres are strong enough to do this job. This makes it the most effective type of detox on the market. You will see it for yourself just how much internal toxicity you've been carrying around, probably for years. The liquid fasting process is necessary to allow your digestive system to rest so that fibre can move through your gut and eliminate that hard-to-remove waste. This is proven to be the most powerful immunity boost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
You will not regret this!

Hands down the most amazing detox we have ever done. We were surprised at how easy we found the detox, you don’t feel hungry at all. You literally see all the nastiness come out which is oddly satisfying! Paired this detox with an anti fungal cleanse as per Health Nag’s on her instagram and page - Since completing the detox we have felt incredible, energy levels have increased, no more digestion issues, allergies have gone, stomachs are flat, we both lost weight, no more sugar cravings & have stopped coffee/tea/dairy/gluten (never thought I would give up black tea). Thank you, will definitely be repeating at least once a year :)


I was never able to do a detox before this one! Doesnt even feel like a detox and the feeling after it is great!
Appetite and cravings got reduced significantly

Didn’t work for me

I had horrible experience i went to toilet only twice my stomach started to swollen and i got horrible headache i never experienced before ( I always do detox) and since Friday till Tuesday my stomach is hard n swollen

Oh! I am sorry it made you feel this way :( There are few recommendations we provide in the instructions brochure and of the most important ones to have yourself prepared for the detox few days prior to make detox experience easier. We have 24/7 support on instagram DMs , you can always message us and we will provide instant recommendations how to deal with any issues that might occur. Please let us know if you require any support. Health Nag x

Carolina Montalvo
Fast and easy

It is a great and easy to intake product. The delivery was super fast. And the results amazing.

Great system cleanse!

This actually works- I felt so sharp post the detox like my brain fog was lifted and it clearly got rid of inflammation in my body- I wore my leather shoes and my feet went in so easily and it felt so comfortable which has never been the case when I wear them after a while! Could also see the difference in my bowel movements- not gonna go into that but it was how our bodies are meant to excrete. And the 3 days I slept like a baby! It was hard bcoz I was craving food and not the biggest fan of the berry flavor but my body needed the reset and I’m glad I did it and could push through it 💪🏻

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