3 Day Detox


Say hello to the world's most powerful liquid fasting program.

This is a revolutionary, science backed detox program that delivers genuine health results. Just in 3 days.

Taking a break from digesting solid food and purifying your colon are two most important things you can do to transform your health.
It is time to give your body a reset. Tried and loved by thousands. Highly effective and easy to use.

Just some magic and 100 % natural type of fibre together with powerful greens, enzymes & probiotics. Soy, gluten and sugar free.

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Why is this detox like no other?
It contains unique type of non-soluble fibre that attaches itself to hardened undigested waste that is often sits in colon pockets and remove it all in one big black rope, naturally and painlessly. No other fibres are strong enough to do this job. This makes it the most effective type of detox on the market. You will see it for yourself just how much internal toxicity you've been carrying around, probably for years. The liquid fasting process is necessary to allow your digestive system to rest so that fibre can move through your gut and eliminate that hard-to-remove waste. This is proven to be the most powerful immunity boost.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Nicola Evezard
Its was hard but worth it!

The Health Nag 3 day detox is something that Ive wanted to do for a while now. I felt my body needed a restart as I was feeling sluggish, no energy and I was having digestive issues. After completing the 3 day detox and following the recommended post detox paleo diet, I feel like a new person! More energy, my tummy feels light and pain free after eating and overall I can say my body is thanking me!!

Yevgeniy Boiko
very clean stomach!!!

this is 100/10

My health said Thank You!

I finished my 3 day detox few days ago and it feels great!! I had no side effects at all during all three days, may be because I am experienced in fasting in the past, but as it has been told it is more psychological if you might feel hungry.
Everything in this product hit the top of the line rates for me! I loved the taste, the texture was good, the ease of use, the design of the packaging is creative! And the most important that I didn’t have to be focused on what to eat during these 3 days I was very productive and spend more time doing my fav things! I will repeat it for sure (hopefully it won’t be out of stock again:)) love love love! And yes, after doing such detox I prefer to follow the advice and will try my best to eat healthier.

Dana Sfeir
Loving it 🤸‍♀️

I started my detox yesterday, which was the worst in terms of energy, body aches, and chills. The wheatgrass and bio nutrition were easy to consume - but the Fiber sachets were just horrible they made me feel so nauseous cause of the smell and taste. I couldnt have it for dinner.

Great news however i woke up and had frequent bowel movements - I was truly amazed at how much junk my body was storing all this time! So it kept me going for another day.

So I’m on my second day and was only able to consume lunch and dinner fiber sachets - and I just kept forcing it down and gagging! Now my throat feels scratched from the acidity.

Im not sure if other flavors are more tolerable but the Apple flavor was really not for me..

I dont think I’m going to continue to Day 3 because of this reason :( Otherwise I loved everything about this cleanse - tough on the first day but the second day I really felt better!

Kaya Cansfield
Life altering

I can't really scream loudly enough about how truly amazing this detox is. It is my 2nd time doing it and the 2nd time was even more powerful than the 1st time. The 2nd time was also a bit more challenging but the results are absolutely life altering. I haven't had coffee since the detox. My skin is absolutely shining and glowing. My digestion and stomach is feeling fantastic. I feel light, energised and completely at one with my body. And my diet has cleaned up dramatically. I'm so happy I have found this so I can repeat it as much as is recommended and to keep myself in full health. Literally this is what the detox does. Completely resets you mentally, physically and energetically and really REALLY gets rid of the toxic stuff. Thank you Health Nag for formulating this!

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