We're gonna be real with you...

Most of the supplement brands you get bombarded with when you're casually scrolling through Instagram are TOTAL B.S.!
That's why so many of us keep popping pills like magic beans with no light at the end of the bottle. 

Scary stuff, right?

But why is that, you ask? Well... First of all, most of those supplements don't have enough dosage in them, and therefore never, ever make it to your system. 
Some of them are of such poor quality your body doesn't even recognize them and are immediately treated as waste. 
Some come with additional preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavorings, emulsifiers (don't get us started on those), and some even come with a little (or big) dose of heavy metal toxicity, which is plenty more than you signed up for. 

We know. It's sad.
But hey, it's the truth. 

So, to put an end to this nonsense, we have worked with Europe’s top scientists to create functional health supplements of superior quality and with the highest bioavailability on planet Earth. 

Our liposomal supplements are produced by a unique latest technology, LipoCellTechTM, which allows the nutrients to reach your cells in the shortest period of time.

The liposomal production of medicine, vitamins, and minerals has been successfully used for many years to improve the absorption of these substances by the body, and now we've harnessed that technology for all my Naggies out there. 

Absorption can be increased by 90%.
Yeah, you heard right.

And that’s why it is crucial to be picky about your supplements. Hundreds of scientific studies around the world support this technology. Liposomal vitamins are packaged like a bodily cell, so they pass through your digestive barrier like one of their own and deliver more than 90% of the nutrient directly to the bloodstream within minutes. Over 90% of your cells will be bathed in that nutrient (sounds kinda nice). The outer layer of the liposome protects the contents against gastric juices, liver enzymes, and the intestine. Thanks to natural lipids, the vitamins are protected during their journey through the stomach and intestinal tract to get home safely, always. 

Unprecedentedly High Bioavailability

Because the vitamins in the liposome are surrounded by fat, the body can absorb these vitamins easily. Fatty acid chains and molecules such as phosphatidylcholine (big words coming your way!) are used as the delivery mechanism in liposomes. As soon as a liposome finishes delivering the ingredients, the liposome itself becomes a nutrient and building material for the brain, liver, and cells. This happens because the composition of the liposome is identical to the body’s own material. To be precise, it’s identical to the composition of cell walls. This allows liposomes to blend into human cells in their entirety and feel right at home.

“Our liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no high pressure, no chemicals, no preservatives, no alcohol, no flavours, no emulsifiers and only the highest-quality ingredients.”

See, we told you it would be a little boring, but hey, at least now you know.