But what does poo say about your health?

There is no place like home to poop.

But what does your poo say about your health?

Our poo can be an important indicator of our digestive health and the consistency of our poo rituals is a central component in helping us understand whether our poos are normal or not. A change in poo’ing habits could be a sign of inflammation and possible malabsorption which leads to major deficiencies and health issues.

Stool chart ordinally classifies poo into seven categories ranging from the hardest (Type 1) to the softest (Type 7).

🧻✖️Types 1 and 2 are considered abnormally hard poos and, in conjunction with other symptoms, indicative of constipation.

🧻✖️Types 6 and 7 are considered abnormally loose/liquid poos and, in conjunction with other symptoms, indicative of diarrhoea.

🧻✔️Type 3, 4 and 5 are generally considered to be the most ‘normal’ poo form.

If you have abnormal poo types it can be a sign of IBS or IBD. It can also be a sign that you are not breaking down your foods meaning you are not taking nutrition, you malabsorb things. You will have a lot of deficiencies in total proteins and everything. It will all lead to health issues, like inflammation. As well as becoming a feast for parasites and bacteria!

Dietary, lifestyle changes & supplements can really help to improve your symptoms and help you have more normal poos:

🍃Eat clean / fresh, low carb, lots of ginger
🥛✖️Cut down on dairy
🧚‍♀️Sweet tooth fairy - bye bye
🩺Check your vitamin deficiencies, less deep fried
💊 Take digestive Pro Enzymes (Health Nag ones are great for constipation) - chew properly
💊 Take curcumin (great anti-inflammatory supplement)
🧘‍♀️ Exercise, do yoga. Check out Dryp hot yoga studio if you are in Dubai. 
🏞 Fresh air
🛌 Go to bed before 11pm
💧 Avoid drinking cold before your meals and don’t drink a lot of liquids during eating

That’s all folks!

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