Not your average water... 

The cutting edge of healthcare and eco-friendly water technology: "alkaline ionized restructured Kangen Water." This technology provides a new foundation of preventative healthcare for the modern family.  it's not a water filter it's a new technology that enhances the quality of water and produces 7 types of water. 

The Japanese have been using this water electrolysis device for 45 years in hospitals and clinics. Over 6,700 doctors from the #1 health care system in the world support Enagic's Kangen Water technology.


What are the benefits? 

  • Electrically-based anti-oxidants 
  • Bioavailability of molecular hydrogen 
  • Neutralizes acidity in cell tissues 
  • Increases cellular energy
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Provides superior hydration
  • Efficient body detoxification

Check out this video for more.... 


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