Bioactive Collagen Gel



Medical grade collagen peptides of type I, II & III in its highest bioavailable form.

Halal certified. 

Our unique type of high-pressure pasteurisation technology does not damage sensitive collagen molecules and keeps it fully intact, making it the most effective collagen supplement on the market.

 - Bioidentical collagen of types I, II & III

- Innovative formula with natural elastin

- Maximum absorption & efficiency 100% natural

- Halal certified Hypoallergenic

- Not exposed to high or low temperatures

- No Vitamin C intake is required

- Great taste

- No sugars, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, flavorings

- Free of GMOs, gluten, colourings & preservatives

Collagen is a main structural protein, the base of all the connective tissues and it is present in all parts of the human body: 

- Skin

- Blood Vessels

- Internal Organs

- Joints

- Ligaments

- Tendons

- Hair & Nails

Read why our collagen is different >>

Please note, this product is only available for shipping within the UAE. Currently we do not offer international deliveries on this product.

All other international orders may be subject to customs/import duties which are payable in the destination country. Health Nag cannot predict which fees, if any, will apply to international orders. These are out of Health Nag's control and are payable by the customer, so please be aware of this.


Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Mary Ann Millena
I found my youth fountain😊🥰

At first I cannot believe their claim, how can a one spoonful a day is enough of collagen intake?
But in my first week of eating this delicious jelly, I notice a lot of difference. First my joints specially my knees, before it’s hard and painful for me to squat or bend them when I am reaching out items under my cabinet and bed, but now all pains are gone. I felt also that my skin (on face) is smooth and softer. Lastly my gut, it becomes less bloated and my cravings for sweet and salty stops. Truely the magic and wonders of this jelly works. I must always have this from now on, such an amazing and breakthrough product.


Absolutely love this product, on my 3rd tub already. Tastes great and just generally love all health nag products, love the science behind it & trust them 100%!

Radwa Chahine
Best Quality

I've been using health nag products and honestly I am impressed with the quality. the collagen is something else, I feel it on my skin everyday.
Thanks for your great efforts, to educate us about what's good to have to become a healthier version of ourselves.

Rama Hajjar
Bioidentical collagen

Product in theory is very good but every time I have ordered it (3x) and followed storage instructions for it in the fridge, it either becomes too watery or too hard. Quality is inconsistent and expiration date not clearly marked on package.
Needs better quality control for product .

Nisha Vijayan
Great product

Just started my first one and so far its good. Taste is tolerable and texture is easy to eat. Will review on the effects after having for a while.

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