3 Day Detox


Say hello to the world's most powerful liquid fasting program.

This is a revolutionary, science backed detox program that delivers genuine health results. Just in 3 days.

Taking a break from digesting solid food and purifying your colon are two most important things you can do to transform your health.
It is time to give your body a reset. Tried and loved by thousands. Highly effective and easy to use.


Just some magic and 100 % natural type of fibre togethr with powerful greens, enzymes & probiotics.
Soy, gluten and sugar free.

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Why is this detox like no other?
It contains unique type of non-soluble fibre that attaches itself to hardened undigested waste that is often sits in colon pockets and remove it all in one big black rope, naturally and painlessly. No other fibres are strong enough to do this job. This makes it the most effective type of detox on the market. You will see it for yourself just how much internal toxicity you've been carrying around, probably for years. The liquid fasting process is necessary to allow your digestive system to rest so that fibre can move through your gut and eliminate that hard-to-remove waste. This is proven to be the most powerful immunity boost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Cecilia Verger
Did not work for me

The stomach bloating was so horrible that I had to stop after 2 days as my body could not take it anymore. I am now counting the days for my stomach to return to return to normal (flat and light). I usually detox once a month with Juices for 4 days but unfortunately this one did not work for me. Although it seemed interesting on the paper.

Maya Khourchid
I could not recommend more

This works exactly as claimed. You really don’t feel hungry. And you feel incredibly better after. I’ve done expensive detox retreats abroad and this was 100% better and cheaper :)

Alma Alkadi
Best detox ever

Best way to get your body kickstarted on the right path. Feeling refreshed inside out.

3 day detox

Excellent product, easy instructions to follow. My 2nd detox, was much easier this time. Felt amazing after 3rd day. Lots of energy and cleared the foggy head feeling and bloated stomach. Had full mucoid plaque day 2 and into day 3. Quite hard drinking the fibre and its alot and thick texture, but found if I used mildly warm water it dissolved better and easier to drink. Had some bone broth in the evenings to give some extra fluid and stop any hunger feeling although didnt have much this time. Recommend highly to everyone to do at least once a year to kick start their system. Must have the right mindset to do any detox, but 3 days is definitely achievable.

Vanessa Leitao
Feels like I've given my body a fresh start!

Feel so good, renewed and refreshed after the cleanse! Best way to get your body kickstarted on the right path. I noticed a considerable difference on my skin (bumps, red spots and rashes nearly disappeared by day 3!).

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