3 Day Detox - (choose your flavour)


3 Day Detox kit 

What you are about to see is NOT a laxative. Laxatives SUCK! This is a highly effective colon cleanse without the loss of dignity. I promise you that. 

The 3 Day Digestive System Detox is a complete fasting program that replaces all your regular meals for 3 days. Don't get your panties in a bunch. The shakes are really filling because of the high fibre content. You won't miss any of your regular foods.

This is a powerful program and it will remove a lot of toxic waste out of your system, naturally and painlessly. You will see it for yourself just how much mucoid plaque(ew!) you've been carrying around, probably for years. The fasting process is absolutely necessary to allow your digestive system to eliminate that hard-to-remove waste and rebuild damaged cells and tissues. Then we can bring back the ‘good guys’ – probiotics. 

How does it work?

  • 3 Days
  • 30 highly special herbal sachets
  • No solid food
  • Your choice of liquid diet

(Mineral Water, Herbal Teas, Veggie Juices, Green Tea, Coconut Water)

Don't go soft on me, you can do this. Wo(man) up. 

You're either in or out, same goes for your toxins!

In just 3 days this detox will:

  1. Remove harmful toxic build-up from your intestines and colon. You will be able to see it too (brace yourself). You may be even shocked, in a good way though. Because better out than in, eh? 
  2. Purify your entire digestive system, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  3. Minimize food intolerances.
  4. Get tons of energy right on completion. You will be high on those ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. 
  5. Significantly reduce your inflammation.
  6. Strengthen your immune system and support all your healing processes naturally.
  7. Decrease your acne and help you get healthier skin. Sign me up! 
  8. Kick your caffeine addiction.
  9. Decrease your sugar cravings.

And NO, you won’t have to live in your bathroom. You are free to roam.

Click HERE to read the pre-detox guidelines and to find out more about how to prepare and commit to the detox.

Please note, international orders may be subject to customs/import duties which are payable in the destination country. Health Nag cannot predict which fees, if any, will apply to international orders. These are out of Health Nag's control and are payable by the customer, so please be aware of this.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
3 day berry detox review

I have just finished the 3 day detox!
Very proud of myself!
I did experience some quite intense stomach cramps on day one and two which I wasn’t really expecting.

Day one was easy!
Easy to follow instructions.
Great for someone who has never detoxed before.
Only felt hungry on day two once or twice!

Quite expensive.
Berry taste gets very sickening after day one.

Worth every penny detox!

This is my second time doing the detox and it definitely help me with my cravings of unhealthy in between snacks! And also with bloating.

Definitely will do this detox every 6mos for a healthy colon. Worth every penny 😄

Salam Ghabeish
Good surprising detox

Honestly it wasn’t that pleasant but I was able doing it and didn’t imagine how much toxins I am carrying In my body!

darren matthews
Product not received

DHL are by far the the most useless courier service. I’ve provided 5 pieces of documents for their “kyc” customers clearance and they keep moving the goalposts. Too stressful to deal with so I’ve given up. They still have the parcel so god knows what happens at this stage will probably just leave it. I’m flying back to the U.K. soon anyway.
I’m sure the product is fantastic but I’m not jumping through anymore hops to receive it. In comparison I ordered off Amazon at a similar time and the stuff came as normal with no such requirements.

Roula Arab
Detox experience

This was one of the most difficult things I have done - the experience was really tough and side effects/what to expect was much more severe than what was mentioned in the booklet or packet. I have really bad acidity and nausea and could not sleep at night at all. I would do it again but there definitely should be clear pre detox guidelines with exactly what to eat and avoid. Also, threw up multiple times just having the sachets. I would do it again to witness the actual impact - but I don’t think it works for everyone.

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