You don't have PPI deficiency.

Your acid reflux is often a sign of low stomach acidity. Proven by many studies 🔬

☝🏼Your stomach was meant to be acidic, because without the stomach acidity you cannot break down the food. The problem is that heart burning acid reflux shoots up where it is not supposed to. It shoots up and burns 🔥And stomach is not supposed to burn.

When you take PPI, which neutralizes your stomach acidity, you end up with a small absorption within digestion. While it can help at the begging , in the long term it is the worst thing you can do to yourself. And why?

🦠Because you welcome all the pathogens. Bacteria & parasites can easily enter due to absence of stomach acidity, that is meant to kill it.

🍞 You are not absorbing and breaking down the proteins, the rest of the carbs and fats.

😓You will end up with a lot of deficiencies and chronic inflammation.

PPI just helps to remove the pain and doesn’t solve the issue.

First, fix your inflammation and raise your acidity level. And exactly for those reason Health Nag created Digesta Plus, that has HCL - which is stomach acidity + anti inflammatory Boswellia.

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