Bad breath. There is a solution for everything.

Bad Breath may have a couple of reasons - bacterial overgrowth or SIBO , mouth cavity / fungal infection in the mouth or digestive disorders / dirty colon.

Let me focus on digestive disorders and BB first today… When food is not being digested properly, it feel ferment and feed bad bacterias in your digestive system and later in your colon.

There have been multiple studies done on colon health and BB. The state of your colon will be reflected in your breath. It’s often pretty much a direct link.

So to improve your breath, it’s important also to improve your digestion and help your body break down the food you eat. You can do it by taking Health Nag Pro Enzymes with every meal to help you optimize your digestive capacity and promote regularity. Tried and tested by many with great results.

Constipation is a big reason for ‘not so fresh’ breath. Because it is called ‘waste’ for a reason and it needs to be eliminated daily. If it’s not, it will promote bad bacteria growth, fermentation process and bad breath.

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