Bioactive Collagen Jelly | Halal

Dhs. 295

Collagen peptides of type I, II & III in its highest bioavailable form.

Halal certified. 

Our unique type of high-pressure pasteurisation technology does not damage sensitive collagen molecules and keeps it fully intact, making it the most effective collagen supplement on the market.

 -Bioactive collagen of types I, II & III

- Innovative formula with natural elastin

- Maximum absorption & efficiency 100% natural

- Hypoallergenic

- Not exposed to high or low temperatures

- Great taste

- No ADDED sugars, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, flavourings

- Free of GMOs, gluten, colourings & preservatives

Collagen is a main structural protein, the base of all the connective tissues and it is present in all parts of the human body: 

- Skin

- Blood Vessels

- Internal Organs

- Joints

- Ligaments

- Tendons

- Hair & Nails

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Customer Reviews

Based on 676 reviews
Love the product

The product combines all three types of collagen peptides in the best form which is jelly! I don’t like powder or liquid and this is the best I found so far, especially that it is halal. Taste of green apple is not that noticeable which is good. I wish the size of the container was bigger as it is expensive compared to the amount.

Mona Ardeleanu

I'm on my second jar, it is so convenient to take it, unlike the classic big collagen capsules that are difficult to swallow. Taste is great. Only bad thing that it is finishing too fast :)

Hamda Alfalasi

I’ve been ordering it for the past 7 months and its been the longest time that i’ve stuck to a collagen product, the taste is amazing, easy to take and stick to, i’ve also noticed better digestion and stronger hair and nails

Insiyah Lightwala
Money well spent

tastes so good! i have been taking the jelly for a little under a month and my hair skin and nails feel amazing.
One spoon a day miracle. Worth every penny

Hala Chichakli

Very good

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