What's biohacking?

Biohacking is basically being your own doctor. It means understanding how your body functions, how it operates, its biochemistry, structure and then hacking its processes to achieve optimum health and beauty results. It’s the short cut to transforming your health, fitness and mind using an evidence and science-based, pro-active approach, that radically improves your brain, body, energy levels in as shortest period of time. Nothing to do with sci-fi, just pure biology and biochemistry.

First of all, if you’ve ever looked at ways to improve your performance in the gym, then you’ve engaged in biohacking. If you had been taking anti-aging supplements, that’s biohacking too. If you have done a face peel before to stimulate collagen, again this is biohacking.

So what are the main principles of biohacking?

Diet. Fasting. Sleep optimisation. Extreme temperatures and smart supplementation.

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