Opting for Caesarean Birth?

What is a microbiome? A microbiome is a group of microorganisms that inhibits a certain space. A healthy microbiome is inhabited with very diverse microorganisms. They all live their lives in harmony, reproducing, and most importantly fighting the bad guys (aka illness bearing pathogens). The more diverse one’s microbiome is, the better the defense powers are.

Unfortunately, an average gut microbiome is very depleted in this modern day and age. Our food is produced in factories and minerally depleted soil, and we are often stuck eating same few foods, that are not seasonal i.e. ripest and fullest of goodness. And healthy microbiome comes from mineral and food diversity!

Even Hippocrates said a long, long time ago: 'All disease begins in the gut'. Gut, even though hidden inside us, is the best defense mechanism against illness. Sounds weird, right? But there is a whole science behind this, and the evidence is there loud and clear. This is why us in Health Nag keep nagging you about your gut health! You know, we have a gut feeling that this is the most important.

During vaginal birth, when baby leaves mother’s sterile uterus, it passes through a birth canal and mother’s vagina. Vagina, of course, is a microbiome. And baby absorbs all of those species through her skin, and gets a nice little welcome package, to prepare it for a healthy life. Afterwards, mother’s milk is another source of healthy bacteria crucial for your little one, but more about this another time.

The question is, can you give the same head start to your baby when opting for Caesarian? Yes indeed! What many midwifes, doulas and natural orientated doctors (shout-out to all of them!) advice is: just before delivery, mother should put a tampon inside of her vagina. Tampon will absorb her biome. Tampon is then taken out, and put in a sterile container where it waits for a baby to come out. A midwife then swabs the tampon over baby’s face, nostrils, etc. And voila, baby receives her first modern age bio-hack for a healthy life.

We support you to be forthcoming in asking your obn-gyno about this super important step. Do not be persuaded easily that this not doable. As with anything, do your own research, and choose informatively to do what is right and best for you and your little one.

Much love,

Health Nag x

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