Buckwheat as a side dish!

‘If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight’.

No it’s not so simple. It’s actually your blood sugar levels that play huge role in your metabolism. If you eat a lot of sugars and starches and even if it’s not a lot, chances are you will struggle to lose weight. RE-balancing your blood sugar levels is the key. Eating food that don’t constantly spike and then crash your blood sugar.

Minimizing your simple starch intake will also reduce inflammation, post-eating bloating, gas and your overall pathogenic load ( because bacterias and parasites love sugars too). It will also improve absorption of protein aka amino acids which are essential for immunity and everyone seem to be low on it these days due to poor digestion or IBS.

So here is my nag for you. Quit white useless rice, potatoes, bread, pasta and use superfoods as a side dish.

One of my favorite is BUCKWHEAT.
It mimics rice or couscous and it is very tasty when done right as a savory side dish. It will help you tremendously with IBS, gut inflammation, bad cholesterol, and provide you with a lot of essential micro elements.

Little tip. Buy it roasted. It cooks easier and is more tastier without loosing its incredible nutritional content.

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