Biohacking & what the fuss is all about?

Biohacking, to me, is basically being your own doctor. It means understanding how the body functions, how it operates, its biochemistry, structure and then hacking its processes to achieve optimal health and beauty results. It’s the shortcut to transforming your health, fitness and mind using an evidence-based, science-based, proactive approach, that radically improves your brain, body, and energy levels in the shortest period of time. Nothing to do with sci-fi, just pure biochemistry ☺  

First of all, if you’ve ever looked at ways to improve your performance in the gym, then you’ve engaged in biohacking. If you have been taking anti-aging supplements, that’s biohacking too. If you have done a face peel before to stimulate collagen, again this is biohacking. 

I especially like to use biohacking for health purposes. Knowing what your body needs and then providing it. For many years, we were using pharmaceuticals to ‘improve’ our health. Which over the long run has been proven to be damaging. Now we know that, and therefore more and more are switching to natural ways of boosting our health, immunity and beauty. The shift has happened. 

So what are the main principles of biohacking?

Diet. Fasting. Sleep optimization. Extreme temperatures. Smart supplementation. 


We already know that Keto diet is able to rejuvenate your entire body, boost your immune system and allow you to lose a lot of fat naturally. How? Because when you stop all the carbohydrates and focus on fats and protein, you will teach your body to burn pure fat instead of glucose that it is used to. Your body enters ketosis after 2-4 days. Ketosis is a process that happens when your body doesn't have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. So, it produces ketones. And the benefits of them are endless. 

  • Better energy levels 
  • Clearer skin 
  • Lowered insulin sensitivity 
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Increased balance in hormones
  • Higher libido
  • Better focus and sleep
  • Great mood & motivation
  • Rejuvenated organs
  • Better liver function
  • Better mitochondria (your anti-aging powerhouse) 
  • Faster metabolism
  • Better hair growth 


Nothing slows down aging more than structured regular therapeutic fasting, in addition to a low sugar diet. Therefore, doing keto diet for 3-4 days in a week can dramatically improve the way you look and feel, as a result of boosting your immunity. It is the best anti-aging hack too. On the other days, you could stay on paleo or plant-based diets. 


Another way of biohacking would be strategically eliminating your deficiencies that naturally decrease with age or the ones we struggle to get from our food intake.

Taking Liposomal Glutathione for example to maintain great liver condition and healthy liver is your best bet for healthy, slower aging. In order to naturally stimulate production of collagen, which again declines with age, we all need to ensure the adequate amounts of Vitamin C as it is involved in collagen synthesis. It is a precursor to collagen, meaning it helps to produce our own collagen too. That beautiful, elastic skin we all dream about, all thanks to collagen.  

But it also takes some biohacking knowledge to know which form is the most appropriate and what is the dose. Liposomal supplements overall have great bioavailability so choosing one in this form would be the best. Looking out for one with Bioflavonoids would be even more fantastic. Bioflavonoids improve the digestion of vitamin C. They are like the perfect couple, supporting each other ☺ 

Another biohacking tip? Anemic ladies, listen up. 

I have met many ladies with a very low ferritin (low iron storage). And not many know that in order to lift it up, you need to ensure you have enough copper. Copper and Vitamin C, both, support absorption of iron so taking iron pills on its own, won’t take you far. However taking liquid chlorophyll can help a lot. Again, this is another way of biohacking your body by knowing its biochemistry. 

Extreme temperatures

You can also biohack yourself into a good mood. By exposing our body to the contrast temperatures, extra hot or cold. By doing so, we again, biohack our body into releasing doses of endorphins – the feel-good hormone. As a result, your mood is boosted right after. So, this is a great trick for those prone to depression. Same applies to saunas, with its additional health benefits too. It’s also the best life hack for chronic inflammation.


Oh, and our favourite… notttt! Cellulite! Yes, you can biohack it too. It’s a little bit more stubborn than anything else but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Cellulite is often high Estrogen levels + poor blood circulation. Skipping with a rope for example or trampoline jumping can help push lymph flow. Gingko Gigoba supplement can support with blood circulation and is often taken as part of anti-cellulite protocol. Of course, your hormones also have a lot to do with it and you need to support them and feed them in order to have nice smooth skin. 

These are just a couple of examples and there are a lot of nuances when it comes to it. Biohacking can help in any mental or physical health, and even emotional matters when you know how to do it. 

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Health Nag x

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