Pro Enzymes


Do we need enzymes? Yes we do.

They help us digest and break down food properly. This is a unique and powerful enzyme formulation. It consists of endo-peptidase, acid protease, exo-peptidase, hemiculase, xylanase, endo-glucanase, phytase, beta-glucanase and lactase.

 Most of these enzymes are uncommon or absent in other enzyme products. They are very rare and support metabolism in the intestinal tract in a highly specialised way. This means the new Pro Enzymes formula is more broadly applicable in optimising digestion. 

  • Digestion
  • Nutrient Absorption
  • Gut Health

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Customer Reviews

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Anna D
Love it

I’ve been using Pro Enzymes along with Digesta + for over a month now and it’s made a huge difference. Will definitely be buying again

Listen to the Health Nag!

These are the best products around! I've been taking pro Enzymes along with Digesta Plus for a couple of months now, and they make such a difference to food digestion; making it easier to digest and keeping my system regular! ;-)

Great supplement! Thank you!

Have been taking this for just over a month, 1 with each meal a day. Already feel a difference - much less and infrequent reaction to food (bloating and build up of gas) and also feel like my stomach is digesting meals faster where as before I'd feel uncomfortably full after a meal for ages. Thank you for your products!

Dana Albanna

Pro Enzymes

lana samman

feels good

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