Liposomal Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is the key vitamin.

It boosts our immunity, helps to absorb other nutrients, protects our brain as we age and supports every other vital body function.

The only problem with Vitamin C is that our bodies can't produce it so we must get it from food. But relying only on food isn't always enough as this is a very sensitive vitamin. It oxidises fast. Plus our food these days is naturally lacking Vitamin C because it is imported from far away.

Vitamin C is involved in many biological processes in our body. Vitamin C’s antioxidant function is important for maintaining healthy cells and tissues. Vitamin C also has a positive effect on collagen production, heart and blood vessels, bones and cartilage.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah VD
Product works

I’m back here after 5 months of taking health nag supplements.
I haven’t fallen sick since I’ve started these. I even breezed through the flu season without ever getting sick. Highly highly recommend health Nag.
there are days or a week or two when I forget taking my supplements and IF I feel a little scratchy on my throat, I just load up on my supplements and I’m fine the next day.
I’ve been recommending this to everyone.
After a really bad health bout at the beginning of the year, I started a combination of Vit C and the VitD+K for immunity. Glutathione and Curcumin for my high inflammation and Digesta Plus to help me with my intense acidity because of the effects of my other meds. After I started health nag I stopped all pills.
Now I’m consistently only on Vit C and VitD and curucumin. The rest are just for maintenance of health.

Don’t pass up on these guys!

Adisa Alic
Fantastic quality Vit C

Just fantastic quality! Haven’t been sick for 2 years now. Whenever I feel I’m about to get down with something I start with Vit C. Same for my kids. Highly recommended.

Happy Vitamin C

Great supplement for all year round. There are many Vit C brands in the market but hard to find the Liposomal Vitamin C. Taking it with Vit D and now especially with the seasonal flu going around.

Saif Lassas
Liposomal Vit C tablets

Great quality product, very easy on the stomach and you can take it on an empty stomach aswell.

Vitamin C

Very good product. Results can be seen within 3 weeks. Thank you!

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