Online Consultation


Get nagged in-person by a Health Nag-approved doctor... 

Our Health Nag-approved doctors can help you with: 

-Hormonal balance

-Gut health





-Brain Health

-Cardiovascular Health


All of our doctors are personally selected by Health Nag and have received training in functional medicine and nutrition. We will match you with the best holistic doctor for your individual needs. 

Your consultation will be 1 hour long and will be followed up with a three-month tailored protocol. 


After purchase, you will be contacted by a member of Team Health Nag to arrange your Zoom consultation at a time convenient to you. You will receive a protocol after your consultation giving you the next steps for healing. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fatma Saeed

I did the best for my health when I consulted Natasha, she helped me to understand why I am always tired and have difficulty in sleeping and losing weight.
This consultation is only the first step to cure your body from all the toxins.
Just go for it and you will not regret.

Etaf Chehade
Online consultation

It was really good, but still haven't received the report. Hard to evaluate without a final report!

Yasmeen Temairik
Online Consultation with Adele

I loved my consultation with Adele. I felt very comfortable explaining my concerns and at times she answered my questions before I even asked. I love her dedication and I cant wait to start the protocol soon and finally address my gut problems.
Thanks again!

Reem A
Finally someone gets it!

I loved my consultation with Adele. Besides her warm personality, she is knowledgeable and asks all the right questions. I’m excited for the protocol and to turn things around!

Online consultation with Adele

Haven’t started my protocol yet as advised by Adele but the consultation was very thorough and detailed. Adele discussed all my health history with me and fully wanted to understand my body, mind, lifestyle and concerns and not just hear what problem I was having. Since giving me the protocol, I have had many doubts that she has always made herself available to clarify for me. Her protocol is very clear and well explained and I am excited to start and consult with her again in a few months to discuss changes.

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