Bioresonance Diagnostics + Interpretation


What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance is a highly effective therapy that uses frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body, organs and cells. 

The testing device can detect any health issues, including parasites, viruses as well as all other organs' dysfunctions.

The test is non-invasive and takes no longer than 5 minutes.

Your deficiencies and food sensitivities will also be detected, as well as your emotional state. Once diagnosed, the healing solution will be proposed by applying certain frequencies. 

Who can benefit?

Bioresonance is especially great for fighting pathogens, inflammation, hormonal and digestive issues. The machine can also detect early signs of oncology or any other alarming health matters. 

How to prepare:

  • Avoid drinking any caffeinated drinks 
  • Avoid putting on too much make-up 
  • Come hydrated 


Can be performed on Kids & Adults.

The consultation will take place in-person, in Dubai. After booking, location details will be shared with you and a suitable time will be arranged. Please allow 30min for the test. The test does not include a wellness programme or Heath Nag Coach advice. This can be purchased as part of the Bioresonance consultation package.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sahar Siddiqui
Life changing!

The test was super insightful and spot-on. Loren was so knowledgeable and helpful. I loved how she patiently heard me out and gently persuaded me to make better choices for my health. The test and the consultation are absolutely fabulous. I’ve been loosely following the protocol and notice many changes in my symptoms.


Loved the whole process and i learned so much about my body

Lauren Brush

This experience was magic. It’s like looking into a crystal ball for your body. I learned so much and was able to fix so many issues w my body and gut. I’ve never felt better!

Ivana Stokes
Spot on!

This must be the most efficient way to check your health. Everything that was discovered on bioresonance testing was spot on! It matched my previous discoveries and knowledge of my health, but with more precise discoveries, and pin pointed. Love how it shows parasites and fungus and viruses. Lab tests for those cost thousands, so bioresonance is super time and money saving. Natasha also pours information on you during the screening. And also - I had a very sore lower back for a few days before the test, which test of course picked up on. Natasha sent healing frequencies for it, and it got better! Fantastic. Do it!

Roxana Salatiuan
Rating Test Bioresonance

Thorough and fast; effective way to discover disfunctionalities in the body. Accurate and comprehensive. Thank you Healthnag

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