Bioresonance Consultation + Wellness Program



What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance is a highly effective therapy that uses frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body, organs and cells. 

The testing device can detect any health issues, including parasites, bacterias, viruses as well as all other organs' dysfunctions. 

The test is non-invasive and takes no longer than 5 minutes. The rest of the consultation will be for interpretation and explanation. 

Your deficiencies and food sensitivities will also be detected, as well as your emotional state. Once diagnosed, the healing solution will be proposed by applying certain frequencies along with a customised nutraceutical protocol. 

Who can benefit?

Everyone. Bioresonance is absolutely for everyone who would like to learn about their health state. 

How to prepare:

  • Avoid drinking any caffeinated drinks 
  • Avoid putting on too much make-up 
  • Come hydrated 


A tailored 2-3 months healing protocol will be shared after the consultation.

The consultation will take place in-person, in Dubai. After booking, location details will be shared with you and a suitable time will be arranged. Please allow two hours for the consultation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Christina Jordaan
Fantastic approach

I am absolutely fascinated by bioresoance and was very curious to meet Natasha and Lauren, who gave me great insights into my health and overall wellbeing. I love their approach to using what nature has to offer. To me, this is the way forward. Anyone who has not tried it should book a consultation. The protocol is comprehensive but not pushy at all!
I have not tried any products, but I am about to place an order. I am looking forward to seeing results and giving feedback.

Claudia Tudor
5 Star Nagging

I really enjoyed my Bioresonance & consultation process. Finally I got to meet the amazing Natasha and her wonderful Nutritionist, Lauren. They were so welcoming to me and my husband. When you are on a healing journey, for many of us we search non stop to find the 'right' people for us, through many trials and errors, as well as frustration and disappointment, until we find, 'OUR PEOPLE'. I felt understood and supported instantly. Now with their carefully tailored protocol I am now starting on what feels like the first real meaningful stage of my healing journey. Thanks to these wonderful woman. I look forward to getting to know them more during this process but so far I have had an incredible amount of information and support from them.

I will start with the famous 3 day detox and report how things are going for continued feedback. What a fabulous community of people in this alternative field, here in Dubai. I am impressed. Thanks again to the Health Nag's. We all need a good nagging from time to time to help us become motivated in our own growth. I highly recommend a visit to anyone looking to take their health, seriously to the next level.


This is the second time I use healthnag. I saw great results the first time and that’s why I’m back.

Hajar Bourri
The best decision I made in 2021!!!

I completely loved the experience!! This is the future of consultations, while the report is not very easy to read ( unless you're a bioresonance expert), it's so exhaustive and gives a lot of details on the state of the body including Vitamins deficiencies, level of toxicity and so much more.
Natasha took the time to explain all the results & findings and I was mind-blown!! can't wait to start my healing protocol and kick off my health journey. Highly-recommended!


I’ve learned so much about what is exactly happening in my body & how to resolve it to be healthier. Adele was lovely & took the time to listen & explain further on many questions I had. Really recommend it!

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