Digesta Plus


Combination of HCL with Trypsin, Boswellia and Pepsin.

Digesta is a unique formulaiton for a digestive capacity boost. It supports healthy acidity levels which is critical for a healthy gut. It also contains Boswellia, a powerful anti-inflammatory which naturally reduces gut inflammation common with IBS or any other digestive disorders. It helps to digest protein much better and helps create the right environment for the overall digestive processes. 

Ideally to be taken together with Health Nag Pro Enzymes as they naturally maximize your digestive capacity and reduce bloating, flatulence, constipation, heartburn, malabsorption and overall poor indigestion.

Please note, international orders may be subject to customs/import duties which are payable in the destination country. Health Nag cannot predict which fees, if any, will apply to international orders. These are out of Health Nag's control and are payable by the customer, so please be aware of this.

Customer Reviews

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Kaya Cansfield
Yet another hit with Health Nag

Can’t 👏🏽 live 👏🏽 without 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 now!

Another hit with me - I’ve seen dramatic improvement with my digestion taking this supplement. Less bloating, less discomfort after eating and it just feels like it works for me. Can’t live without it now! Thank you health nag yet again!

Amazing supplement ♥️

Is my non negotiable supplement now a days that I’m trying to improve my body composition adding more animal protein to my diet ♥️

Caroline Haddad
digesta plus

I love this product, this is my 2nd order... My gut health changed lot after using it... after two weeks , my bloating disappeared and my reflux decreased tremendously.

Digesta Plus

Worth every penny! I take this daily with the ProEnzymes Supplement, and it has improved my digestive system overall. No more bloating or constipation, I feel the difference.
Highly recommend it


Love it , it helped me a lot

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