Biohack Your Mood Webinar Replay


Reply of our "Biohack Your Mood" two-part webinar. 

 Join us if:

- You have anxiety attacks

- You are "paralysed" by irrational fears

- You are stressed 

- You feel emotionally vulnerable

- You are depressed

- You are prone to emotional eating

- You have anger issues

- You have insomnia or poor sleeping patterns 

- You want to boost your mood & your energy levels

- You know someone who struggles with any of the above and you would love to help them

Part 1 - Physical Part

- Healthy foods that boost the mood

- Gut healing principles for emotional wellness

- Introduction to adaptogenic herbs

- Mood & sleep optimising neutaceuticals

- Healing plants

- Sleep hygiene & protocols

- Amino acids for managing stress

- Libido boosting protocol for men & women

Part 2 - Sensual Part

- Aromatherapy and essential oils guide 

- Practical powerful breathing exercises for daily use

- Energising daily habits that have the power to lift up our mood, improve sleep and boost overall excitement about life

- Anti-anxiety meditation by Oz Garcia

- Q&A


After purchase, you'll be emailed a link to the webinar recording. 

Customer Reviews

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If you want to improve your mood and cognitive function, this is a great webinar. I learned a lot. Thank you for putting this together!

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